If we got some more cocaine I could show you how I love you

‘Cocaine’ is a powerful play about being gay. Mikey and Casey are stuck on a roof, they’re a couple and they seem happy together. As they are sat on the roof however, they discuss the past, present and the future and we realise just how different it has been for each of them and how, whilst many believe today that the struggle of being gay in society is over, we actually have so much more to do.

The play explores how as a gay man in most places in the world they either having to fight every single day to be able to be out or hiding who they are and changing in the process. There is a justifiable anger here, why can’t gay men just be allowed to love and be loved like everyone else? Why will they be judged? Attacked? Stared at? Hurt? It is not just about being gay but familial love too. Mothers loving or not loving their children enough, the refuge, the hope that family can bring, and the sheer awful existence of not having that, of having lost it but still being able to remember it.

This is a very gripping and emotional play and stays with you a long time. The two actors in this are fantastic, utterly realistic, memorable and very very powerful. Alan Mahon as Mickey and Josh Williams as Casey both have an intense vulnerability and depth that is both heartbreaking and endlessly engaging. I loved it and hope it returns to London very soon.



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