Photo credit- Robert Day

Entering a large space full of mish mash seating- odd chairs, sofas, carpets and a strong smell of incense with a single podium at the front this is where Terry Johnson (who also wrote this) stands and talks about his gratitude to the most influential man of his life, theatre impresario Ken Campbell (who also helps out in the telling, brilliantly played by Jeremy Stockwell).

Both talk to the audience and to each other, retelling Terry’s complete friendship and career with Ken. The one time that Stockwell corpses made the whole play, it’s so funny and remarkably in keeping with this weird and wacky man that Ken Campbell was.

The first half of the play is about Johnson’s initial interactions with Campbell, taking patty in his 24 hour stage show in Edinburgh before moving south to London and everything from then.

Both do a fantastic job, you can really feel the genuine respect and gratitude that Johnson has for Campbell and Stockwell’s performance as Campbell is utterly over the top, hilarious and from all measures, entirely true to life.

Is it the best play in the world? No. Is it the most lovely monument to friendship that could exist? Yes.


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