Don Giovanni

Copy of The Vanishing Bridegroom Banner

After the great Vanishing Bridegroom last week, British Youth Opera put on their second production: Don Giovanni. Briefly, Don Giovanni is about a serial seducer and philanderer whose luck at bedding women and treating them horrendously comes to an end, he is aided by his manservant Leporello and chased by a number of women and their partners.

First things first, Mozart’s music is phenomenal; it will elevate your mood listening to it no matter what. Lionel Friend did a wonderful job conducting, putting the orchestra really through its paces, making them sound as good as they can.

The sets were very well done, it’s all based in an apartment building, being in the basement, the penthouse and the ground floor. There are a fair few set changes which at points can be a bit frustrating but the amount that is achieved in them is incredible.

The singing was very impressive, as was their acting and just the atmosphere that they provoked. One of the stars for me was one of the smaller roles- Masetto, played by Felix Kemp who brought strength, gravitas and an interesting vulnerability to the role. Michael Mofidian’s Leporello was funny but also wasn’t afraid to go a bit darker than some which is quite a refreshing take on the role.

Don Giovanni was the perfect choice to celebrate 30 years of the BYO, this production was fresh, exciting and full to bursting with amazing talent, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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